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Area Branch Address Province Tel.
Alexandria and Raml area Alexandria Branch Muharram Bey Station Alexandria 03-3633993
    15th of May Reservation Office   03-4206701
    El Raml station reservation office   03-4809685
    Miami reservation office   03-5548299
  Rasheed Branch Matrouh station, Alexandria St,.   046-4931079
  Matruh Branch Matruh Station Kilo 25   046-4905079
    Siwa station   046-4935732
Damanhur area Damanhur Branch Damanhur Parking lot station Al Behiyra 045-3357360
  Shobrakhet Branch Shobrakhet station   045-3800221
  Kafr El Zayat Branch Kafr El Zaya station   040-2551342
  Mahmudiyah Branch Mahmudiyah station   040-2500455
  Abo Homs Branch Abo Homs station   ---
  Delengat Branch Delengat station   040-3600416
  Kom Hamada Branch Kom Hamada station   040-3680169
  Khatatba Branch Khatatba station   048-2681038
  El Tahrier Branch El Tahrier station   048-3620271
  Wadi El-Natron Branch Wadi El-Natron station   048-3553312
Kafr El Shiekh area --- Kafr El Shiekh station Kafr El Shiekh 047-3234357
  --- Desok station   047-2562879
  --- Bella station   047-3605881
  --- Baltim station   047-2512855
  --- qlynn station   ---
  --- Sidi Salem station   ---
  --- Belqas station   050-2794614
Cairo area Al zaytun branch New airport station Cairo 02-22675882
  Shubra branch Old airport station   ---
    Almaza station   02-24156597
    El torgoman station   02-25752157
    Abood station   02-2042450 / 02-4312868
    Khazindar station   02-4313001
    Al tagneed station   ---
    El giza station Giza 02-35706223
El Gharbya area Tanta branch Tanta terminal wholesale market station El Gharbya 040-3335443
  Zefta branch Tanta Al morashaha Station   040-3323112
    Tanta Stadium station    
    Khalid Bin Al Waleed Station   040-3511742
    Al Mahatta Station    
Al mnufya area Shbien branch Shbien Al kum - parking complex station Al mnufya 048-2318141
    Al shuhadaa station   048-2350916
    Banha station   048-3322583
    Al khatatya station   048-2681038
    Wardan station   ---
    Quesna station   ---
  El Bagur branch Menuf station   048-2361132
    Al bagur station   048-3885408
    Sadat station   048-3600264
    Ashmun station   048-3443006
    Berkat Al sabea station   048-2996988
Al Mahala Al Kobra area --- Al mahalla station Al Mahala Al Kobra 040-2228079
  --- Mansoura station Dahqlya 050-2263045
    Ezbat Al shaal station   ---
Workshop Complex Mit Hebeish Complex
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